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Lately, we've seen phones with OLED displays tumbling in price. It's admirable that Samsung has delivered a 6. But what's truly impressive is how good the A50's screen is. It's not quite as sharp as the one in Google's recently launched midrange handset, as the Pixel 3a packs its, well, pixels a bit closer together over a smaller frame. But the A50 trounces it where brightness is concerned, while offering a selection of display modes that let you tune the colors to your preference. It looks like a flagship screen, and it's in a device that costs a third of the price.

Watching the trailer for the upcoming Ford v Ferrari flick, the side of Ken Miles' iconic blue-and-white Ford GT40 glistened under the Daytona lights with an intensity that the Pixel 3a couldn't replicate.

Samsung Galaxy A50

With a peak full-screen brightness of nits to Google's nits, the A50 wasn't even far off the S10's nit result. The A50 received high marks in color gamut coverage. The screen's Delta-E color accuracy testing proved less encouraging, as the A50's 0. For what it's worth, things didn't look wrong to my eye, simply more saturated. But again, Samsung offers alternative profiles in the settings that are more realistic than the default Dynamic tuning, so your mileage may vary. If anyone's camera could give Google's competition in the midrange segment, you'd figure it would be Samsung's.

And the Galaxy A50's spec sheet would certainly back up that claim — this phone carries not one, not two, but a whopping three lenses on the back, even though it's about a third of the price of Samsung's other triple-lens phone, the Galaxy S The front of the phone packs yet another MP shooter for crisp selfies — or, at least you'd hope. I don't know if it's a casualty of Samsung's image-processing software or what, but the A50's photography proved a bit blurrier than the Pixel 3a's in every scene I shot with both phones, even though on paper, the A50's main camera captures twice the number of megapixels.

Take, for example, this scene of a windowsill within our New York office. I'm quite pleased with the A50's attempt overall, but the more you zoom in, the more those details — the specular highlights bouncing off the plant's pot, the texture of the leaves and the gold text on the spine of the sky-blue book — begin to muddle together.

For what it's worth, the resulting shots from the A50 happen to be the same number of pixels as those from Google's handset — indicating work is happening behind the scenes to compress or bin the megapixels, perhaps to brighten the end result.

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There's no arguing the Galaxy's take on this cloudy outdoor scene is brighter than the Pixel's, though again, it comes at the expense of sharpness. The tree bark, the woodchips beneath it and the glass panes on buildings far away are all harder to discern in the A50's shot. Unfortunately, the results when the depth sensor comes into play are markedly less impressive. My colleague Jorge's face is hazy and smoothed over in the example from the Galaxy, even though beautification features were turned off.

Additionally, the more pulled-back perspective doesn't work here — I prefer the Pixel 3a's vantage point, which crops in to stack the foreground and background more closely together, like you'd expect from a professionally taken portrait. Although the Pixel 3a routinely bests it, the A50's camera can hold its own in ideal conditions.

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That definitely is not the case when things get dark, however, as Samsung hasn't gifted this cheaper handset with the same Bright Night feature you'll find on the company's flagships. As a result, the A50 has no answer to Google's Night Sight, and is out of its depth in the near-pitch-black photo op you see above. Finally, I was quite disappointed from the selfie I took with the A My skin tone is more extreme, with oddly strong highlights and pinkish shadows. And again the sharpness is lacking when compared with the Pixel 3a's attempt.

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Samsung's camera did expose things more brightly, which was a plus — though I'm not sure it was worth the aforementioned trade-offs. The Samsung SmartThings Tracker offers on-demand location information of your valuables, pets and in some cases even your children. Whether at home or on the go, enjoy impressive entertainment at your fingertips. The Galaxy Tab A features Dolby Atmos sound, plus large screen sizes with minimal bezels for optimal viewing. The browser version you are using appears to be out of date.

Samsung Galaxy A50 and Galaxy M30s receive Android 10 with One UI 2.0

Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser. Your current region: Ontario change Select a region:. The next generation of Galaxy is here. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. Take amazing videos and photos like a pro even in low light with Bright Night mode. See the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Galaxy S10e. Best with Bell. Learn more. View our incredible selection of Samsung smartphones.

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