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The accepted solution just indicates the last update and the current status. When downloaded on the phone a pop up appears in the Quicksupport app to go to the settings to give the app extented permissions, but nothing happens. I can't find any possible setting to give the app extended permissions.

So remote control is not possible. Same issue here. We switched from using the G6 to the G7 and we are no longer able to get Quicksupport working. The permissions don't seem to work the same way with Android 9. Everything was working well before the upgrade and got used to the ease of use of teamviewer remote control to help my mother.

Now I cannot use it at all after the upgrade. So anybody who is thinking of upgrading their moto phones to Android 9 and want to use TeamViewer, beware.

How to Track A Motorola Cell Phone Remotely

My wife's Moto G6 works perfectly. I just got my Moto G7 today, adn I cannot get to whatever screen it needs to give the specified permissions. Exact same problem as you folks have! We are recording the cases and forwarding them to our developer team.

Moto Z4 vs. Moto Z3 vs. Moto Z2 Force: Which Is the Best Moto Z?

I will keep you updated as soon as I have more Information. Once I click "Open Settings" to set the special permissions needed for the app, the popup briefly pops up and closes. All I can say is it's a white popup with the title "Host" or "QuickSupport". The popup title loads but the content never does, and the popup is closed immediately after it appears. Our engineers have identified the problem and are now in communication with Motorola to fix the problem.

We can have all the informations we need, but when it's about controlling the phone, it's impossivle due to these extended permissions. I can't get access to remote control on a Motorola One device with Android 9, I can't open the Activate Remote Control window to grant special access to the app. Can you help me to solve this problem? I've got the same issue with my G7 Power and Android9. Are there any news on the issue resolution from the engineers, please? Same issue on my moto g7 power with android pie.

There is no way to grant special access. How soon will this be fixed? In my case, when I try to install the Teamviewer Quick Support Samsung Add-on, a message pops up saying that is not possible to install such app.

An update for the Samsung add-on came out June 6th. When will other Android 9 phones start working properly? Very dissapointing I will be looking at other apps if this issue can't be resolved. So this has been a problem since January, apparently no fix because as of 13th july, this is still an issue. We've had 2 months of silence, from a problem that was reported well over 6 months ago One thing you may want to look at if you can have some access to the phone via relatives or friends who live nearby to him, is look at an app called Grand Launcher.

It won't solve the remote control issue but once it's installed it turns the phone into a really simple to use device with huge buttons, big text, simple navigation and most importantly it's very hard to get it wrong and end up in a menu he doesn't understand. Clearly lots of people are having this issue and we have complete radio silence from you.

Upgraded to Android 9. I can see files, specs of the phone just fine, but NO remote control. When I try and start the session, I get a "connection rejected When the popup for special access appears, clicking on it just removes the popup and NO teamviewer is in the apps list! I am trying to help my Father that is 96 and miles away, with his phone. It's been well over 6 months now. This is an absolutely unacceptable delay, clearly a large portion of your userbase is affected by this.

The number is only going to increase as more people upgrade to the latest version of Android. I will be on the lookout for alternatives, anyone reading this thread should as well. Be fast, or you risk losing a significant portion of your userbase with this terrible service. In another forum i saw, that TV did create an Add. Motorola must sign it, than it should be ok again. So are we only waiting for Motorola now? Can we contact them and make a request to implement this?

Trying to hlep a friend who has a new Samsung Galaxy S6. What am I doing wrong? Join Login. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Are you new to TeamViewer and Home Office and do you need some help? Check out our FAQ here. No good.

What features will Android Q bring to Motorola phones?

The remote control sceen just always says "connecting to x xxx xxx xxx Labels: Android. Accepted Solutions. As soon as something changes, we will inform you. Well, a good idea indeed! It's always good to gift latest technology to your loved ones, so that they can remain updated. So, how about buying Moto Monitoting Software to monitor your loved ones? Well, I know you might be agreeing. So, why not just help you get an insight about the Moto Z3 Play Spy software and how it will work in a Motorola smartphone.

If you are willing to spy on Moto Z3 Play , then you don't have to do anything expect from having Moto Z3 Play credentials of target phone that you want to spy on.

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Once you have those credentials, you can use them to login to your Moto Z3 Play spy app from where you will be able to see all fetched data of target user's phone i. Our Android monitoring software also tracks GPS locations, photos, videos, and web history - an Android keylogger is included to let you know exactly what is typed on the target device.

So, if you are eagerly waiting to spy on Moto Z3 Play or may be any other Android smartphone, don't wait! Instead, buy this influential software and bring out the truth. Register online and download Moto Z3 Play monitoring application.

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Motorola Moto Z3 Play

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