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If your phone routinely spends the night on your nightstand, you probably don't want it beeping or buzzing every time there's a call, message or Facebook alert -- especially when you're trying to sleep. Thankfully, Android offers a Do Not Disturb mode that will keep the phone more or less silent during designated hours. On some phones, this is referred to as the Downtime setting or even quiet time.

Using the feature, you can set up a range of hours usually nighttime when you want to turn off the digital noise. But don't worry, any notifications you get while DND is turned on will still be waiting for you when you wake up. Also, you can typically make an exception that allows repeat callers and favorite contacts' calls to go through.

Turn that on. If someone is calling you in an emergency, odds are they are going to keep trying. What someone who finds a lost or stolen Android phone will see after you use Find My Device to lock it.

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Is there anything worse than a lost or stolen phone? Only the knowledge that you could have tracked it down if you had turned on Google's Find My Device feature. To set yourself up for a successful recovery, here's what you need to do: Open the Settings app and then search for Find My Device. It's usually in the Security section of the Settings app. Once enabled, you can head to android. Samsung users can visit findmymobile. If you run into any trouble setting any of this up, be sure to read through our complete guide to finding a lost Android phone.

Assuming your phone is on and online, you should be able to see its location on a map.

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From there you can make it ring, lock it, set a lock screen note to tell whoever has it how to get it back to you, or, worst-case scenario, remotely wipe the whole thing. There's a lot more to learn about a new phone, of course. If you have a new Google Pixel 4, try these hidden features. The update is a hefty 1.

Reports on Reddit are surfacing of a 4th July gift for US owners with the 1. It may be worth checking to see if the OTA is heading out to your device. That turned out to only be true for users in South Korea , with the rest of the world left to wait it out a little longer still. Users on Reddit have reported the rollout of Android Pie on their G7 devices on Verizon and Metro carriers, with more confirmed in Europe.

This update weighs in at a sizeable 1. October 4, — The recently announced Nokia 7. O ctober 11, — Looks like Nokia plans on speeding things up a bit. The company shared more detailed info on its Pie update schedule via Android Central , saying that the Nokia 7. The previous plan was to release the update sometime in November. The Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco will follow soon after, with the stable version of the OS expected to roll out to the devices in November. October 30, — Android 9 Pie has started rolling out to the Nokia 6.

October 31, — Only a day after upgrading Nokia 6.

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The next devices in line to get the latest version of Android are the Nokia 8 and 8 Sirocco. November 30, — The Android Pie update for the Nokia 8 has been delayed for a couple of days. The original plan was to release it by the end of November. December 11, — Android Pie beta is now available for the Nokia 8.

The stable version should be released soon, although a specific date was not announced.

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December 19, — The stable version of Android Pie is now available for the Nokia 8. However, some users note that the update is lacking features like Digital Wellbeing, Adaptive Battery, and App Actions. December 27, — Nokia has kicked off the Android 9 Pie rollout for the Nokia 5. The update includes the December security patches and brings all the standard Pie goodies including Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and App Actions to the device.

January 23, — Nokia has shared its Android Pie update roadmap. The company said the Nokia 5 and Nokia 3. The Nokia 5. February 20, — The two-year-old Nokia 6 is now getting the Android 9 Pie update. February 21, — Juho Sarvikas announced on Twitter that the Android 9 Pie update is now available for the Nokia 2. February 26, — Nokia has started rolling out Android Pie to the Nokia 3. July 11, — Verizon is rolling out Android Pie to the Nokia 2 V phone, which is basically just a rebranded Nokia 2.

You can find the download links for both ROMs in our dedicated post at the link. October 26, — Xiaomi has revealed the phones that will soon receive the Pie update. The open beta is expected to be released by the end of November, while the stable version of the OS should start hitting devices before the year comes to an end. November 10, — Xiaomi has released the beta version of Android Pie for the Mi A2 smartphone, which is part of the Android One family — you can download it here. November 16, — That was fast. Only six days after it released the beta Android Pie update for the Mi A2, Xiaomi started rolling out the stable version of the OS to the smartphone.

The update comes with the November security patch. December 10, — According to multiple reports, Xiaomi is rolling out the stable version of Android Pie to the Mi A1 smartphone — less than a week after the beta version was released. You can download it here. The stable version released on December 10 apparently caused quite a few issues regarding LTE connectivity for some users, and this update should hopefully fix that. However, some Reddit users are already complaining about missing LTE bands, while others report receiving the update with no issues. Slots are limited — find out everything you need to know here.

The updates come in at around 1. November 6, — Samsung has confirmed it will reveal the Android Pie beta software at its developer conference, which starts tomorrow November 7 and ends a day later. The company is likely to launch the beta program for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users shortly after.

These three devices are expected to get the update shortly after it hits the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9, which is expected to happen in January. The program is currently available in the U.

You can check out how to sign up at the link. However, the company then quickly pulled them.

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However, they are only available for the unlocked variant of the device SM-NU1. December 11, — Samsung is pushing out a new update to all Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners beta testing Android 9 Pie. The update has the December security patch on board along with bug fixes related to things like Night Mode and Samsung Pass — learn more here. The update is currently available in Germany, but it should make its way to other markets soon.

It comes in at around 1. December 24, — Samsung has updated the Members app with its Android 9 Pie update roadmap, revealing which devices will get the latest version of the OS and when. Even though the update is rolling out to the phones starting today, the carrier variants might not see it for another month. The next phone on the list is the Galaxy Note 9, which looks to receive the Android 9 Pie update in February Some devices, like the Galaxy Note 9 and Note 8, are now expected to get the update even sooner.

You can check out the entire list below:. The latest version of the OS should make its way to all Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets globally by the end of the month.

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The update is expected to make its way to all Note 9 devices globally by the end of the month. The update started rolling out in Germany two weeks ago and in the UAE a couple of days ago, suggesting this was the start of its major rollout. Initially, it was expected that all Note 9 devices globally will get Pie by the end of January.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so things can still go either way. To try it out, open the Samsung Members app and accept the invitation for the beta program. You can sign up via the Samsung Members app. January 24, — Samsung is now rolling out the second Android Pie beta update to the Galaxy Note 8. It comes in at around MB and addresses a number of issues including the camera app crashing when using slow motion or super slow motion. However, some bugs from the first beta have not been fixed with this update — learn more here.