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Touch the name of the device to connect and touch OK. Next to the device to disconnect, touch View media files across devices Use Cross Share to view phone and PC media files from either device. View from phone On the phone, open Cross Share. To change the view, touch , then: To view media files on both devices, touch Cross View. To view files on a particular device, touch the device name.

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To view files by type, touch Pictures, Video, or Audio. Or, touch All to view all files by date. To view files by folder, touch , then touch the folder name. To change the view: To view only files on the phone, click the phone name. To view only files on the PC, click the PC name. To view media files on both devices, click All.

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To view contents by folder, click , then click the folder name. Turn it on On the phone, open Cross Share. Select types of files to back up. Use it Each time your connected devices are on the same Wi-Fi network, Cross Share automatically backs up new files of the types you selected, unless you turn Backup off. Click Messages. Then: To start a new message, click New message.

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To reply to an existing message, click it to open. Type the message. Optionally: To add a picture, click. To add an emoji, click.

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Contact Us No Thanks Submit. But it loses some points for having an extremely scratch-prone screen.

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The Moto Z3 and Z2 Force both come with rear-based dual megapixel camera setups. Its low-light capabilities are further boosted by the new Night Vision mode, which stacks images and removes noise for better night shots. The megapixel selfie lens only sweetens the deal, comparing very favorably to the 8- and 5-megapixel lenses in the Z3 and Z2 Force.

Motorola SMS Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Motorola Atrix/Charm/Global?

Each phone does come with a disappointing amount of Verizon bloatware. The Moto Z4 launches with Android 9. That would put the Moto Z3 and Z4 on equal footing for expected updates, which is a little odd. But the Moto Z4 has slightly more going for it.

The Moto Z4 is a good phone, and a worthy winner here. The Z4 also has tough competition from elsewhere.

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