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You can start using it for free. Additionally, Mixpanel is able to show you information about data points such as location, device, channels and more. Mixpanel can also be used for targeted communication via push notifications. Flurry allows you to monitor user behavior across all platforms at no cost. Countly provides an overall mobile analytic picture for the web and mobile. It offers a real-time, open source mobile analytics application that can be hosted on your own servers.

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Know why they stay. And know how to keep them. Adobe Analytics is an industry-leading product that gives you the tools you need to understand your users. This mobile analytivs tool is priced for enterprise clients only.

Include up to eight photos of each item to keep a visual inventory and list quantities and prices to calculate the total value of the items in your home. This app is especially helpful if you're moving.

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You can create printable QR labels with Sortly and stick them to your moving boxes, and a simple scan shows you a list of that box's contents. The basic version of the Sortly app is free, but you must pay either a monthly or annual fee for the premium version.

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Memento Database lets you store just about anything you can think of, with more than 3, templates to choose from to store your data. You control how your items are stored, so you can add as much or as little information about each item as you need for your own recordkeeping.

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As an added convenience, Memento can be synced with Google Sheets so you can organize and edit your inventory data outside your smartphone. The Nest Egg inventory app is an iOS-only app that allows you to keep track of the things you own. You can take up to 10 HD photos of your items and scan barcodes to automatically retrieve product information, a unique and time-saving feature that streamlines the inventory process.

It's the same with the "batch edit" feature, which allows you to edit items in bulk rather than making changes one at a time.

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  6. You can email or AirPrint inventory items and export to a spreadsheet for tracking. This app also gives you places to store product warranty expiration dates and customer support numbers.

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    You can even include return information for new purchases and receive an alert when the return window is ending. Set reminder alerts on items that people borrow from you, as well as on the items you borrow — we all know the feeling of stumbling across an item a friend lent us ages ago that we forgot to return. But if you don't mind having everything in one place, it means you don't have to pay any monthly fees or create an account to use the features of the app. MyStuff is one of the most thorough home inventory apps out there, giving you space to record a great amount of detail on each of your items.

    That makes this app especially suited to organizing and documenting your collections, whether they're high-value and carefully curated, or the personal collections of books, movies, or video games that many of us accumulate over the years. An inventory is great for keeping track of what you have, and can also help you avoid buying duplicates as you continue to collect. MyStuff allows you to add items to your inventory manually or by scanning the barcode to autofill details.

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    It might sound silly, but without an office of people around, your normal routine will be severely disrupted. And that means staring at your screen more. You can find these options in your display settings. The display settings for Galaxy phones left , Pixel phones center , and iPhones right have all sorts of toggles and sliders to keep your eyes from getting too strained.

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    Since nearly every phone released in the past two years has wireless charging built-in, you probably already have a wireless charging pad at your desk. But what your work-from-home setup really needs is a wireless charging stand. All you need is to wipe it down with a Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipe and then discard the used wipe. After your phone is nice and clean, the best way to keep it that way is to not touch it, naturally.

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