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Impressed with the AI camera that detects objects. It can automatically look an object up in an e-commerce app and checks prices. Crystal clear selfie camera. Better than a DSLR. Shaurya Shubham.

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The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before. And because of the sheer list of features on board, the interface could get a tad overwhelming. Here is all that you need to know. To make full use of the edge-to-edge screen on the Vivo V9, you also have the option to hide the navigation bar completely and rely on iPhone X like navigation gestures instead.

A learning curve is involved here, but we got used to these gestures pretty quick. You can also choose between the order and style of Navigation Gestures. If you press the Volume down key in Vivo V9, it will only give you the option to change Ringing volume. The volume control popup has no option to switch to Media playback volume control.

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The volume rocker will automatically switch to controlling media volume when a media playback app is active. However, if you want to turn off Media volume before opening a video or audio player or to avoid some accidental video from blasting out loud while you are browsing on your phone in the quiet of the night, you can use the volume control slider in the control center. The volume control in the action center will let you control media playback volume directly.

Now, the opinions on Android phones flaunting a notch are heavily polarized. Some view it as a must-have trend while others consider it an anomaly. The notch on the Vivo V9 reduces the effective space for the status bar, but you can still fit battery percentage indicator.


With Vivo V9, you can also get flashlight notifications without using any third party app. These often come in handy when your phone is in silent mode since flashlight notifications are quite hard to miss, especially in dark ambiance. The Vivo V9 also has an inbuilt Truecaller alternative that can recognize incoming Spam calls.

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The recent apps screen shows mini previews of the apps you recently used. Now, this could be a risk to your privacy. We often scroll through recent apps with friends or other people watching over our shoulders and thus its wise to protect sensitive information.

You can also change text fonts on Funtouch OS 4. Here you will find the option to change font style and font size. The V15 uses pixel binning technology to capture selfies in the 32MP mode so images have a size of 8 megapixels. Surprisingly, the Vivo V15 not only clicks good selfies in daylight situations but also in low-light.

The selfies clicked with the Vivo V15 show good amount of details as well as vibrant colours. However, I believe the layers of beautification could have been better optimised as I mostly want my selfies to look natural but sadly that is difficult to achieve with the camera app that Vivo has in the V The front camera of the V15 turned my dusky skin to white.

So, if you're looking for a smartphone with pop-up selfie camera that also clicks Instagram worthy pictures with layer of filters already added, the Vivo V15 is a good option to consider. However, if you -- like me -- want your selfies to look natural, well, you won't prefer what comes out of Vivo V On the back, the Vivo V15 includes three cameras -- with the primary camera being a 12MP sensor.

It is accompanied by a 8MP camera as well as a 5MP sensor that captures depth information for portrait mode.

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Overall, the pictures clicked with the V15 in daylight have good amount of details, but I don't like that the colours are often over-saturated. In low light the performance takes a hit. The main sensor struggles to capture and retain details in low light. There is a Night Mode in the V15 camera app, and that helps in low light. Additionally, similar to other Vivo phones, I wish the portrait mode could have done a better job with the details and the edges.

This is the same chipset that powers the Oppo F11 Pro as well as much cheaper Realme 3. As for the performance, the Vivo V15 does a decent job.

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The phone is capable of handling regular usage that includes making and taking calls, messaging on WhatsApp, browsing social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, browsing the internet, watching videos, and sending emails with ease. I used the Vivo V15 as my primary device and the performance was quite decent. However, having multiple apps running on the background may make the phone lag sometimes. Also, if you are an avid gamer, the Vivo V15 isn't for you. I tried playing games like PUBG and often the app crashed or the screen went off.

Some of the basic games like subway surfers and Temple run pretty smoothly though. Sadly FunTouch OS 9 doesn't bring app drawer and it's filled with several third-party apps. I believe the performance of the Vivo V15 could have been slightly better and software less cluttered.

The battery performance, however, is impressive.

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The Vivo V15 comes with mAh battery and for me the phone lasted pretty long while I was reviewing it -- around 28 hours to put a number on it. Sadly, the phone comes with microUSB support. The Vivo V15 is a stylish phone with a lot of goodness inside it.

But it has some issues as well.