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Just call customer serivce or dial and they'll be able to get your new phone set up without paying anything. Cell service is great and phone calls are clear. No complaints at this moment :.

Only 5 left in stock - order soon. This is almost the perfect midrange phone.


Perfect size, perfect price, feels high quality, it's fast and has a great battery life. But it has one fatal flaw, that might be a deal breaker for many. There's no notification LED. Knight Arizona. Every single car charger we bought for my husbands Motorolla Moto Z phone has been worthless.

Thank you! Looks very well made and comes in the Motorola box with Motorola paperwork. Quite short but looks like it will work fine for charging on juice pack or other small tasks. Not flimsy and pins are in good condition with a decent fit. I have a Moto Z Play. Virginia, USA. What can I say? It works great.

The QC 3. The small charger helps it play nice with the other nearby plugs. My only complaint is that it only comes with a 3. I ordered an additional 6 foot cable for it so that it will reach from under my UPS to a usable distance in my office. Why are folks so stingy with cable lengths? At least the cable can be changed out on this model. I needed more length for the cord on my charger and these worked out just fine.

The charger itself is very fast and works great. Motorola TurboPower 18 QC3. In fact, I can be simultaneously running a navigation app, a mileage tracker app, and the speaker phone, and the charger supplies enough amperage to still be actively charging the mAh battery, and not just "keeping pace" with the current drain.

I always buy the Moto chargers, as they have been the best quality. Love the strait cord and extra USB port that pushes the required 3. Hands down best car charger on the market for dual 3.

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This is the basic Motorola fast charger. I use it with the Moto Z Play Droid which already has tremendous battery endurance. I only have to recharge every two or three days or so and the charger works very fast. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. This model weighs 6. It was tested with GB of storage and has a memory card slot for expanded storage.

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Moto z4

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Motorola Z4 Phones

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